Lost Ledges Reef

Type of Dive

Standard Reef Drift Dive.

Skill Level

Beginner: Open Water or Jr.Open Diver 13 years and older.

Dive Site Depths

The depth is 45 feet on the top 65 feet to the west side of the reef and 100+ feet to the east on the backside of the reef.

Dive Site Location

Lost ledges is located out on our main 3rd reef system the exact location is: 1.82 Nm @ 1670 from Hillsboro Inlet & 8.28 Nm @ 0190 from Port Everglades. 1.07 Nm off-shore.

Dive Site Description

Like many South Florida Reefs, Lost Ledges Reef is a section of the outer third reef system. The reef runs parallel to shore with ledges on both sides. The top of the reef is relatively flat.

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This Card is for the Ancient Mariner/Deerfield Wreck Trek

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Dive Site Information

The cool part about lost ledges is that it has a dual facing ledge. Since there are two sides to explore and Eastside and the west side there’s usually lots of activity on this reef. There is a wide variety of fish on this reef including Grouper, snapper, jacks, barracuda, moray eels and the occasional turtle. It is not uncommon to find Lobsters in the caves along the base and top of the reef.

The Dive Plan:

2 Dives 2 Locations

We start off the day with an exploration drift dive on Lost Ledges Reef located on the third reef system, followed by a second drift exploration dive also on the third reef system in a different area. The reef drift dive location will depend on visibility and current. We typically leave that up to the captain's discretion. We have 45 min. to 1 hour on each site. Air and bottom time permitting.

The departure dock location for this dive trip is located in Pompano Beach.

Dive Trip Schedule

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Lost Ledges Video

Our Local Reefs

Our third reef system is part of the third largest barrier reef in the world. The system runs from Miami all the way up through Palm Beach with small breaks in between the reefs. The majority of the third reef systems profile is 45 feet on the top dropping to 60 to 65 feet on the west facing side and 80 to 100 feet on the east facing side.

Resident Marine Life

This is a well-established wreck site and there is an abundance of marine life that resides in the area. It is common to see large schools of small and medium tropical fish, stingrays large and small, eels, lobsters and the occasional Turtle or Eagle Ray..

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