Looking for something amazing to do Today?

The SDI Scuba Discover program does just that.

No experience required

For those who want to test the waters and try scuba, this is the course for you!

The SDI Scuba Discovery Program gives you a glimpse of what you can expect to experience in the underwater world as well as what you could expect to learn in the SDI Open Water Scuba Diver course.

During this experience program, you will go through the basic safety procedures for enjoyable scuba diving under the watchful eye of an active SDI Instructor.

You will learn skills such as equalizing your ears, buddy checks, basic buoyancy control, underwater communication, and more.

You will also be given an introduction to basic scuba equipment followed by an underwater tour in the local pool or aquatic environment.

Where will we be diving?

Our Beach Dive locations are Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach and Lauderdale by the sea. We will select the most appropriate dive site for the day’s conditions and participants.

Our Beach dive locations is a Spanish Gallon Shipwreck Site with Cannons, Ancor and balest pile

This shallow reef dive site (0’ to 20’) is awesome for spotting turtles, rays and schools of tropical fish. This site is also excellent for shell hunting, photography and exploring.

Our Boat Dive locations is home to the historical and archaeological shipwreck of the USS Copenhagen and the nursery.

This shallow reef dive site (15’ to 30’) is awesome for spotting turtles, rays and schools of tropical fish. This site is also excellent for shell hunting, photography and exploring.

Weather permitting.

How long is the Scuba Discovery program?

There are 2 options for the Scuba Discovery program.

3 hr Beach Dive Adventure Spanish Gallon Shipwreck

The SDI Scuba Discovery Beach Dive program is 1 dive. The program begins at 9:00 AM and finishes around 12:00 PM (3 hours total) Dive time is approximately 1 hour (air permitting)

Full-Day Boat Dive Outer Reef Adventure Copenhagen Shipwreck

The SDI Scuba Discovery Boat Dive program is 2 dives 2 locations adventure Dive trip to our outer reefs. Begins at 9:00 AM and finishes around 4:30 PM (7 hours total) Dive time is approximately 1 hour per dive (air permitting)

What can I expect to see?

Our local coral reefs are teeming with a wide variety tropical fish. It is not uncommon to see turtles, lobsters, stingrays, majestic eagle rays and if you’re lucky maybe even some dolphins on our dives.

Whether you’re on a beach dive or a half-day boat dive you are in for an incredible experience. Snorkeling is great, but there is nothing like Scuba diving.

How deep will we be going?

Beach dive site location ranges between 0 feet and 20 feet deep.

Boat dive site locations range between 15 feet and 30 feet deep.

What you can expect to learn:

During this program, the following topics will be covered… and more!

Basic overview of physics/physiology and how it relates to diving

. Buoyancy

. Pressure

. Equalization techniques

The aquatic environment

. Marine environment

. Marine life expected to encounter at the dive site

Scuba equipment assembly

Underwater communications

Taking the SDI Open Water Scuba Diver course

Some of the in-water skills you will perform include:

Predive check

Weight removal at the surface

Ear clearing and equalization

Buoyancy compensator device (BCD) use

. Manual inflation

. Oral inflation

Buoyancy control

. Controlled ascents

. Controlied descents

Regulator use

. Breathing

. Clearing

. Recovery

Mask clearing

Underwater swimming: proper use of fins

Computer use

Use of gauges

Underwater communications

Upon successful completion of the skills it's time to go out for your open water shallow reef dives.

Open Water Dives

During your open water dive or dives you will have the opportunity to explore the reef under the direct supervision of your SDI Instructor. It's all about exploring and having fun.

Training Prerequisites

No prerequisite experience required.

Age Requirements

The SDI Scuba Discovery Experience is offered to ages 10 Years and Older. This makes it an excellent activity for the whole family to Discover Scuba diving together. Special family rates are available.

Depth Restrictions

Scuba Discovery dives are to a maximum depth of 20 to 30 feet.

Swimming Requirements

Participants must be able to swim. You do not need to be Olympic swimmers. You just need to be comfortable in the water and pass a basic swim test.

All participants will

need to have a completed set of liability releases signed and dated prior to any in water training. Note: Participants under the age of 18 will need to have a parent or guardians signature as well. No exceptions.

Provided Equipment

Scuba Dive It will provide you with all the basic equipment for your Scuba Discovery program. This includes Mask, Snorkel, Fins, BCD, Regulators, Tanks and Weights. (Thermal protection and booties not included) We carry all the best gear in store and online at scubadiveitgear.com for all your Scuba diving adventures

We do not accept equipment that is unsafe or damaged to be used in any of our programs. If you have any questions on whether the equipment you have will be acceptable for this program, please contact us prior to class for a free equipment evaluation. We service and repair Scuba equipment. Safety First!

E-mail: info@scubadiveit.com