Boat Dive Trip to Our Outer Reefs

To book a dive trip you have 2 options

Option Number 1: click on a dive site from the list below for complete details on the dive site including dates, times and availability.

Option Number 2: choose a dive trip by date and time From the Calender Below.

Boat dive trips are two dives at two locations. Divers will have approximately one hour of dive time at each location, air and bottom time permitting.  Departure Times: 8:30 AM & 1:30 PM Daily. Weather Permitting

Shallow Reef Dive Site Information

The Ledges and the drop off.

The Pompano Ledges (Drop off) Our shallow reef dive sites are excellent for beginners and intermediate divers as well as snorkelers. These dive sites are located on the ledge approximately 1/4 mile offshore and are accessible only by boat.

There are 25 mooring balls at Pompano ledges and each mooring ball area is considered a dive site. The reef line runs parallel to shore and it is home to two of our most popular shallow dive sites. The historical shipwreck of the SS Copenhagen and a location we call the nursery. Click on a specific dive site for more information or to schedule a dive.

We offer dive and snorkel trips every day to The Pompano Ledges.

Main Reef Dive Site Information

Third largest barrier reef in the world

Our reef system runs north to south and begins in West Palm Beach and runs all the way down through the upper keys. The depth of the top of the reef ranges between 45 feet and 55 feet depending on what part of the reef you are on. There is a ledge on the west facing side that drops off to 60 feet to the sand. This section of the reef gets the most traffic and there is a lot of marine life to see. If you continue swimming to the West in some parts of the reef you will hit sub reefs ranging from about 45 to 55 feet deep as well. The sub reefs are excellent places for hunting and exploring.

Dive Sites

Deep reefs depth 70' to 130' feet

Most of our deep reef site locations do not have a specific name. They are referred to as the deep side of the reef on whatever reef you are on.

Deep Reefs Dive Sites Information

Hunting and Exploring

From the main reef if you swim to the east you will find the deepest part of our reef system. The main reef will gradually start to drop off from 55 feet down to between 80 feet and 100 feet depending on what reef system you are on. The deep side of the reef or the backside as we call it is a great place for hunting and exploring. Due to the depth it is for advanced open water divers only. The backside of the reef has locations with spurring groove coral formations as well as patch reefs.