Boat Dive Trip to Our Outer Reefs

To book a dive trip you have 2 options

Option Number 1: click on a dive site from the list below for complete details on the dive site including dates, times and availability.

Option Number 2: choose a dive trip by date and time From the Calender Below.

Boat dive trips are two dives at two locations. Divers will have approximately one hour of dive time at each location, air and bottom time permitting Departure Times: 8:30 AM & 1:30 PM Daily. Weather Permitting

Wrecks Dives for Open Water Divers

South Florida Shipwreck Capital of the World

Most of our local dives begin with the dive on a shipwreck followed by a drift dive on our reef. Most of our shipwreck dive sites have more than one shipwreck at the same location. This makes it possible to dive multiple shipwrecks on a single dive. For our wreck trek locations there are usually 3 to 4 shipwrecks in one area and if you’re good on air and navigation you can hit them all.

Diving our local shipwrecks is definitely exciting, if you want to make sure not miss anything you should hire a guide, especially if you’re trying to hit multiple shipwrecks in a single dive. The navigation between the shipwrecks can be challenging sometimes and the guide will definitely make your dive more enjoyable.