Jim Atria Wreck Dive

Type of Dive

Advanced Wreck Dive.

Skill Level

This dive is for advanced open water divers or open water divers under the direct supervision of an instructor..

Dive Site Depths

The depth is around 75 feet to the top of the mast and around 95 feet to the superstructure. The main deck sits at about 110 feet, with a max depth 133 to the sand

Dive Site Location

The Jim Atria is located at: 5.55 Nm @ 180 degrees from Hillsboro Inlet & 4.63 Nm @ 029 degrees from Port Everglades. 1.52 Nm off-shore.

Ship Description

The Jim Atria is a Dutch freighter 227 feet long with a beam of 34 feet that is currently covered in soft coral. The ship is mostly intact.

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Dive Site Information

The Jim Atria is considered an advance dive. She is located on the east side of the main reef straight off Fort Lauderdale. The bow is pointing northeast and she is currently sitting upright in the sand slightly listing to port. There is typically a light to moderate current on this wreck however the current can become very strong during strong Tidal movements. There is a deep ledge that is directly to the west of the wrack and runs to the north. The ship can be penetrated however we do not recommend penetrating shipwrecks without the proper training and equipment.

The Dive Plan:

2 Dives 2 Locations

We will start out our day with our first I’ve been on the Jim Atria. Our second dive is typically a drift dive somewhere along the third reef line. The captain will pick the second dive location based on conditions and visibility. We have 45 minutes to 1 hour at each dive site air and bottom time permitting. The departure dock location for this dive trip is located in Pompano Beach.

Dive Trip Schedule

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The Wreck Hunters Jim Atria

Ships History

The Dutch freighter was originally built in 1961 and named the Poinciana. She originally transported cargo in the North Sea up until about the late 1970s. The ship eventually was transferred and began carrying cargo from Miami to the Caribbean.

Her life as a cargo carrier in the Caribbean was cut short in 1982 when she capsized in the Miami River. Due to the extensive amount of damage from the capsizing of the vessel she was never utilized as a cargo ship again. Then in 1987 a local land developer along with Broward County purchased the vessel and renamed are the Jim atria for the purposes of creating an artificial reef.

On September 27 of 1987 the ship was taken to her final resting place where she was scuttled. She is now an extremely popular dive site and an excellent addition to our local reefs

Resident Marine Life

The Jim Atria is now an established shipwreck due to its size is an excellent place to view large animals such as Goliath groupers, large barracuda and big schools of fish. We have also seen sharks and whale sharks on this wreck along with turtles and dolphins on occasions.

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