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SDI 2-1/2 Day Open Water Course. Become a certified open water diver in just one weekend.

padi Course schedule Information

On this page will find our PADI course master schedule listing all of the available PADI courses we offer. We also offer private classes tailored to your own personal schedule upon request. Our no hassle booking system allows you to book any course online quickly and easily without having to come to the shop. Please feel free to contact us at any time for more information on course, schedules and availability or if you just need help getting signed up.

Arrival and check-in

Arrival and Check in for Training It is very important to arrive on time for your training to avoid any kind of rescheduling fees. Students must arrive 30 min. before the scheduled start time for all classroom sessions, confined water training sessions and open water training dives on the beach in order to be considered on time. Students arriving late may lose their spot to a standby customer.

Late Arrivals

Failing to arrive and check-in at the proper time (30 min. prior to the start of the class) will be considered a no-show. It is at the instructor’s discretion whether to let a student continue their course after a late arrival. SCUBA Dive It and their instructors reserves the right to fill all unclaimed spot within 15 minutes of the start of class with standby customers. If you lose your spot to a standby customer and wish to continue your training you will have to pay a reschedule fee and join the next available class where you left off. To avoid fees and headaches don’t be late for class or dives.

Liability Releases

All Liability releases must be signed and turned in before you will be allowed to participate in any in water training. All minors must have a Parent or Guardian signature "No exceptions". All participants under the age of 15 must watch the youth diving responsibility and risk video with their Parents or Guardian prior to any in water activities. All participants under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or sibling during training.

Rental SCUBA Gear

We Rent the following major equipment: • Mask , Snorkel • Fins (no booties) • SCUBA BCD jacket (Buoyancy Compensation Device) • SCUBA Regulator Set and gauges • SCUBA Tanks • Dive Computers • SCUBA Weights

We do not rent or provide thermal protection for your course. If you need thermal protection nobody beats our price. We carry a full line of everything you’ll need in stock to keep you comfortable for your class.

Students that purchase their SCUBA gear from SCUBA Dive It will receive discounts on their purchase, extended warranties on their SCUBA gear and FREE annual service parts on their equipment. Nobody Beats Our Prices, Warranties or Service Guaranteed.

Rental Gear Cost Per Day

Mask & Snorkel $10 - Fins $10 - BCD $10 - Regulator & Guages $15 - Scuba Tank with (Air) $10 - Scuba Tank with (Nitrox 32%) $17.50 - Weights $5


Scuba Diving is a service industry and a large part of your instructor income comes from your generosity. So please, if your instructor provided you with a great experience and kept you safe, please don’t forget to show your appreciation by tipping. Anything is appreciated however $10 to $20 per person is customary. Thank you

Weather cancellation policy

Our policy at SCUBA Dive It when it comes to adverse weather conditions is always safety first. Unfortunately Mother Nature does not always cooperate with our schedule and sometimes we are forced to reschedule classes for safety reasons. Cancellations due to bad weather or adverse conditions are made by SCUBA Dive It Staff, by facility managers or lifeguards only. In the event of a weather cancellation, SCUBA Dive It will send out an email to all students in the class informing them of the cancellation and providing them with a code to reschedule into the next available class at no charge.


For safety purposes it is always at the Instructor's, Boat Captain or Divemasters discretion to allow a participant to continue with their SCUBA diving program or activities. If a student is removed from a class or activity due to unsafe behavior there are no refunds or credits.

Diver Etiquette

No drugs or alcohol allowed during any dives, activities or events. Improper, rude or violent behavior will not be tolerated and will terminate your activity. I also completely understand that if removed from activities for any reason there are no refunds or credits.

Third-party promotional deals

Please Note:Group on and living social promotional deals are for midweek classes only and do not include academic materials.