PADI Bubblemaker

Course Introduction

The PADI Bubblemaker program introduces SCUBA diving as an activity that allows children to experience the underwater world of SCUBA diving. Under close supervision of a PADI SCUBA diving instructor, participants swim around on SCUBA diving equipment in shallow confined water (pool) having fun and learning some basic SCUBA diving skills. Bubblemaker SCUBA diving experience is an excellent way to find out if SCUBA diving is something your kids would enjoy.


Course Overview

Participants will learn how to assemble and disassemble their equipment along with the same six basic skills in the Discover SCUBA diving program for juniors and adults. These skills include how to breathe off of your regulator, how to clear a regulator of water underwater, how to recover your regulator underwater, how to clear your mask underwater, how to inflate and deflate your BCD (Buoyancy Compensation Device), and how to equalize your ears.

Once the students are finished with their basic skills they will have plenty of time to play games and practice their new skills are having a blast.



If you would be interested in hosting a PADI bubble SCUBA diving experience at your pool please contact us for more details. Colorful PADI Bubblemaker emblems, decals, towels and toys along with a distinctive recognition certificate and card make the experience one to remember.


Pool Training Dives

We conduct classes at a variety of public and private pools around Dade and Broward County. For more information on pool facilities and directions please check up-and-coming schedule for more details.


    course duration

    Approximately 3 hours.
    The program begins with a poolside orientation and safety.
    Students will learn how to assemble their equipment and perform a pre-dive safety check.

    Then it's into the water to learn how to use the SCUBA equipment safely. After that students will have the opportunity to explore underwater under direct supervision of their PADI SCUBA instructor.

    Upon completion students will learn how to clean and disassemble their equipment before attending the awards ceremony.


    Continue your SCUBA adventure to the next level

    Once you complete your PADI Bubblemaker program, you'll be ready to start your PADI Seal Team training. Complete five aqua missions and become a PADI Seal Team member. Complete all 15 aqua missions and become a PADI Master Seal Team member.

    The PADI Bubblemaker SCUBA diving experience is a prerequisite for the PADI Seal Team.

Course Prerequisites

    prerequisite training


    Age requirements

    PADI Minimum Age Requirement is 8 years old.

    swimming requirements

    Participants must be able to swim. You do not need to be Olympic swimmers.  You just need to be comfortable in the water and pass a basic swim test.

    depth restrictions

    The maximum depth is 2 meters/6 feet.

    required Books

    Bubblemaker Crew-Pak

    ncludes beach towel, log book, certi?cate with card, water toy, Be Happy decal, Bubblemaker emblem, Bubblemaker decal and Bubblemaker tattoo.

    required equipment

    Standard rental scuba equipment is included in this program which includes: Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Communication Slate, BCD, Regulators with Submersible Pressure Gauge, Tanks and Weights.

    Wetsuits are Not Included and may be required (during winter classes).

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    waivers and liability releases

    Participants and parents (both) or guardians must complete and sign the PADI Seal Team Statement prior to in water activities. Parent or guardian signature is required for participants younger than legal age for all PADI programs. If the participant checks yes to any condition on the medical questionnaire portion of the form, the participant must receive medical approval in writing prior to any in-water activities. This statement is only valid for 12 months.There Are No Exceptions.


    Upon successful completion of the PADI Bubblemaker program, students will be invited to join the PADI Seal Team program.

PADI Course Cost, Location and Schedule

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    We offer private lessons seven days a week. Sign up today and start diving tomorrow. We offer group lessons twice a month. Check the course schedule for more details.

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Youth Diving Responsibility and Risk

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