PADI A.W.A.R.E. Fish Identification Course

Course Introduction

This course covers information about coral reef distribution, diversity, formation and ecology. It also reveals factors that threaten reefs and discusses conservation measures to protect these living resources. The AWARE- Coral Reef Conservation Specialty course, include the following:
1. An introduction to Project AWARE.
2. The importance of coral reefs to marine ecosystems and coastal areas.
3. Coral reef and reef inhabitant biology, association and competition.
4. The status of the world's coral reefs and detrimental land-based and ocean-based activities that put reefs in peril.
5. Suggestions and information about actions that may help to protect reefs, including responsible diving and snorkeling practiceshis is an excellent course to take if you are interested in coral reef conservation.

Course Overview

This course is one of the prerequisite courses for participating in The Coral Reef Rangers Coral Restoration Project. The PADI Fish Identification Scuba Diver Course is designed to familiarize divers with common fish families and species found in the local area. This PADI class focuses on collecting fish survey information to be submitted to local organizations who are involved in reef conservation projects such as The Coral Reef Rangers. So sign up today For the PADI A.W.A.R.E. Fish ID Identification Scuba Diver Course and help protect the environment while having fun.
A. Project AWARE
B. Importance of Coral Reefs
C. Understanding Coral
D. Complex Nature of Life on the Coral Reef
E. Coral Reefs in Peril
F. Protect the Living Reef.


The PADI A.W.A.R.E. Fish Identification Course begins with independent study and knowledge development. Students will begin by watching the Protect the Living Reef video.

Then Students will read and complete all knowledge reviews provided by your instructor. Your instructor will review your knowledge reviews during your classroom session.


    course duration

    The total course duration is approximately 5 hours typically conducted over 1 to 2 classes. For more information on specific scheduling for this course please click on the calendar below.

Course Prerequisites

    prerequisite training

    To enroll in the Project AWARE Specialty program, participants need not be
    certified divers nor have any prior scuba or snorkeling experience. There is no
    minimum age requirement


    Age requirements

    PADI Minimum Age Requirement is 10 years old.

    depth restrictions

    The maximum depth is 30 meters/100 feet and for Junior Divers (12-14 years old) the maximum depth is 21 meters/70 feet.


    required Books

    Reef Creature Identification Book





    required equipment



PADI Course Cost, Location and Schedule

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Youth Diving Responsibility and Risk

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